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ELECTROCOMPANIET for the first time is attending the Frankfurt MusicFair/ProLight+Sound Show.

12 März 2001

For Electrocompaniet of Norway (Stand 8.0 D34 in Hall 8) this Frankfurt MusicFair/ProLight+Sound show will mark the first time ever for being present

at a show targeted towards an audience catering for more professional needs.

Electrocompaniet is certainly not a newcomer in the audio market. The company was established in 1972 as a maker of fine audio amplifiers with a focus towards

the hifi end of the marked.

In the early part of the 90´s this approach took a turn towards something quite different. In 1992 Bruce Swedien, sound engineer and sometimes producer, had an opportunity to listen to his first Electrocompaniet amplifier, an Ampliwire

AW250, and the sound coming out of the amp completely floored him – he decided to go for Electrocompaniet. The major break in that respect came when

Michael Jackson´s “HIStory” was released and the album included a mention of Electrocompaniet in the booklet that came with the album. Later on he went on to mix Herbie Hancock´s “Gershwin´s World” album, where he also included a mention of Electrocompaniet in the lines notes of that album. He has also recorded and mixed the French artist Cyrius latest album “le sang des roses” which was recorded at the Egrem studio in Havana, Cuba as well as in his own Westviking studio in Connecticut, USA.

For those working with high end analog recording equipment it is easy to understand why the choice would be so easy, but the coming of the next generation of digital audio (24 bit 96/192 kHz) does equally render the services of fine audio instruments like the amplifiers coming out of Electrocompaniet of Norway as vital for the end result. For Electrocompaniet a power amplifier is much more than just another black box – we consider it a very important part of the recording process. Your end result relies on the quality of the amplifiers you decide to use in the recording process.

Skaarer, Norway, 01. Mars 2001.

For further information on Electrocompaniet AS please contact Anders Jarlsby at the stand.

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